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Schwedt/Oder is located next to Brandenburg’s only national park and is also Brandenburg’s largest industrial hub. The city was a gray planned city in the GDR and has foresightedly rebuilt itself into an open, green city. How should these contrasting elements be united in a relevant message?


In a joint strategy process with the city of Schwedt/Oder, EMBASSY shifted the focus from looking at the past to looking at the city’s potential in the future. Schwedt/Oder has always created its own change.

“Welcome to the city that always finds its way.”

Today, Schwedt/Oder has possibilities that no other city in Brandenburg has: Recreational space with the National Park on its doorstep, room to grow thanks to the economy, infrastructure and location as well as free space through urban planning.



EMBASSY designed a campaign to spread the message »Platz für morgen« in Schwedt/Oder and fill it up with suitable numbers and stories.

Märkische Oderzeitung: Schwedt/Oder books “be berlin”-producers

A Teaser-Campaign presented the population with a new outlook on the city of Schwedt/Oder’s strengths, such as the fact that the industrial companies in Schwedt/Oder generate more revenue than the state capital of Potsdam.


The following launch campaign unraveled the teased “Platz für morgen”: Schwedt/Oder with its nature and industry, culture and life, security and opportunities, city and land, room for ideas and space for all.

EMBASSY Schwedt Oder Platz fuer morgen

With minimal effort, EMBASSY set highlights with billboards along Schwedter Straße in Berlin. The confident presence in the capital was a powerful signal to the public in Schwedt/Oder.