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Structuring projects, moderating workshops, analyzing results, developing strategies, writing texts, designing layouts – get an insight into our EMBASSY, learn more about our team and our open positions.


In the heart of Berlin-Mitte, EMBASSY resides in a modern townhouse located not far from Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt and in close proximity to the German Foreign Office.


The ideas, concepts and implementations that come out of Embassy are as unique as the people who work here. Our teams are assembled to meet the individual requirements imposed by specific projects. Each project is managed by one of the partners. Staff at Embassy combine skills and knowledge. We also bring in additional specialists from our network as required.


Katrin Androschin


Prof. Katrin Androschin: Co-Founder and Managing Partner

»New challenges often need impulses from outside to develop and implement innovative solutions. That’s what we stand for at EMBASSY.«


Katrin is a managing partner, professor and thoroughbred networker all in one. As an expert in brand strategy, brand design and communication, she consults on marketing strategy issues and develops new brands and designs. Her key expertise is workshop facilitation for innovation and change processes in diverse and international teams of companies and institutions. Her passion is to develop new solutions for current issues by connecting strategy with design.

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Klaus Asemann


Klaus Asemann: Co-Founder and Managing Partner

»Successful brands don’t just fall from the sky.«


Klaus is the managing partner of EMBASSY. He is a brand expert with international project and management experience and develops location and destination brands. He specializes in comprehensive brand architectures and takes into account the long-term perspective for clients.

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Katharina Fülöp

Katharina Fülöp: HR, Finance and Office Management

»No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.«


When you step into the office in the morning, you’ll typically see Katharina with the phone in her hand – provided the coffee tin wasn’t empty. The studied psychologist and Americanist has already worked in various agencys and corporate workplaces. From accounting to human resources, the native Thuringian keeps an eye on everything important within EMBASSY and assists the managing directors in order to be able to devote their full attention to our client projects. Katharina is known for planning legendary surprise Christmas parties and her love of the ocean. When we do start to annoy her, she loves to relax on a beach in Ibiza.




Lorena Stiegler: Project Management


Lorena studied Journalism and Communication Science in Vienna. After spending four years there and one year in London, she decided to return to a German-speaking capital and joined us in Berlin. In her role as project manager for EMBASSY, no deadline, no matter how small, escapes her Salzburgian eagle eye – which is how she ensures order in both external and internal communication with ease and charm.



Jonathan Nausner

Jonathan Nausner: Strategy and Text

»Good strategy has to be creative, not just right


Jonathan has been working in the field of design, strategy and advertising for over 20 years – first in his hometown Graz and for the last eleven years in Berlin, where he worked for clients such as O2, Das Handwerk, FDP or Nike at VCCP and HEIMAT Berlin. At EMBASSY, he has been guiding and designing location and corporate brands for six years. As a studied strategist and planner, he always keeps an eye on the big picture and the target groups. As a skilled copywriter, he always finds the right words. Jonathan enjoys living in Berlin with his family, but still misses the mountains in Austria. In his free time he writes, draws, plays, works out and reads a lot but he would like to have a few more hours every day to fit in all his interests.


Paula Schröder


Paula Schröder: Design


After studying communication design in Münster and Istanbul, the Swabian-born Paula moved to Berlin and started working as a freelancer in graphic design. Paula has now been with EMBASSY for over five years. She is creative and has an eye for detail, which is why she occasionally gets irritated about wrong dashes and has pushed through French guillements instead of quotation marks in the team (see quotes on this website). Even as a child, Paula’s heart was beating for design. She exposed plates in the darkroom at her father’s print shop and drew magazines freehand for her animal club. Privately and professionally, there is the same highlight for her every day: when it smells like freshly brewed coffee in the morning.


Jonathan Nausner

Michael Dietrich: Concept, Text and Editing

»Communication is everything.«


EMBASSY has a man on the ground in Schwedt (Oder). For 30 years, Michael has been writing about what’s happening in his hometown. And today, he is writing about the exciting transformation of this industrial town into a modern, climate-neutral place for tomorrow. He is a passionate local journalist, and his motto is: “Write everything so that Grandpa Joe understands it too.” Yet he has never revealed who this Grandpa Joe actually is… In his spare time, Michael loves to play beach volleyball and is involved in a small association that looks after a meadow orchard.

Jonathan Nausner

Franziska Richter: Text and Research

»Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.« – Mark Twain


During and after her apprenticeship as a media designer, Franzi was a working student at EMBASSY – then she took a break to study German and English. She always has time for a chat (or an extended conversation), but knows how to make a long story short where it counts.

When it comes to research, the aim is usually to turn quantity into quality – but when it comes to coffee, it may well go the other way round, as long as it’s black and hot.



These are our cooperation partners


Prof. Brigitte Hartwig, Ambassador



Christiane Weigel, Web Development



EMBASSY Julia Leihener

Prof. Julia Leihener, Senior Service Design Manager, Innovation and Design Thinking Consultant


Christian Augustin, Templates und Developing
Maik Pflüger, Productdesign
Heide Frey, Text and Proofreading
Hubert Jocham, Script and Typography




These are our open positions:


Currently, our team is complete, but we are always happy to meet people who fit in and want to be part of our team.