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EMBASSY developed a communication strategy for the GlasCampus Torgau, establishing it as a glass competence center for innovation and future-related topics.


The GlasCampus Torgau was founded in 2019 as a further education institution for specialists and managers in North Saxony. After conducting a digital workshop and telephone interviews with relevant stakeholders in the region, the analysis of the brand profile revealed a lack of clarity regarding the identity of the offering. By reducing the communication message and focusing on the two relevant target groups of career changers and young professionals, EMBASSY achieved communicative clarity.



The emotionality, which is provided by the diversity of the product, is reflected in the storytelling strategy. The material glass is as diverse and future-oriented as the courses offered by the GlasCampus. Glass can be so many things: art, communication, sustainability, mobility, half full and your future. The result of the research and analysis conducted by EMBASSY is a strategy document with recommendations for action for the communication presence on the website, social media, events and in various print media.  

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