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With the aim of attracting skilled workers, EMBASSY developed an image campaign for the four strong cities of the Uckermark region (Angermünde, Prenzlau, Schwedt/Oder and Templin), which strengthens the joint profile of these cities and at the same time makes the individual strengths of each city visible.


In the Uckermark, you can live and work where others go on vacation. It is a region with diverse natural areas, dreamlike lakes and lovable cities with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. EMBASSY used this unifying element for the purpose of jointly profiling the cities and developed the overarching campaign slogan »Feels like vacation«.
But the Uckermark cities are more than that: they are four strong cities with a future. They offer professionals a work-life balance and quality of life that they cannot find in the big city.



Each city has its own strength. While Schwedt/Oder, for example, is an innovative industrial city, Angermünde stands out as a sustainable country town. In 2021, EMBASSY captured this combination of »vacation feeling« and a specific aspect of modern work-life balance in 12 campaign motifs.

Märkische Oderzeitung: Lively Uckermark