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»It took a long time, but it turned out well!«

This is the summary of the project manager at Business Upper Austria, who led the place branding process for the province of Upper Austria for two years. In 2020, Upper Austria can proudly present itself as one of the very few Austrian (to be accurate: two) provinces that have succeeded creating an overarching place brand.

And we are proud of it too: EMBASSY created the brand strategy and the brand structure, which will be implemented in the coming months. In line with our recommendations, we developed the place brand in a participatory process. This consisted not only of a quantitative online survey and more than 20 expert interviews but also a series of workshops with a total of approximately 100 participants from all over Upper Austria. Common values, a vision and a unifying mission of the country were developed in a co-creative set-up.

In a multi-stage decision-making process, the government of Upper Austria succeeded to roll out the previously established tourism brand to all other areas. A multi-layered brand structure takes into account the political structure, the administrative units and the various levels of co-branding. With this cross-divisional solution, the province of Upper Austria is excellently positioned in the national and international competition of the regions. In 2021, leading companies of the province and numerous other activities and actors will be integrated. In addition, an overarching campaign will communicate the strengths of the province of Upper Austria.


Seven workshops, five »quarters« of Upper Austria and 96 participants


One of the first tangible results: The landing page