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EMBASSY developed an adapted regional marketing strategy for the Altmark, which raises the region to a new level. For visual support, the brand design was also fundamentally revised.


The new marketing strategy responds to the diverse challenges, is tailored to the special circumstances of the Altmark and describes the basic principles for future-oriented regional marketing. Instead of originally calling itself the »green field with a future«, which previously experienced little identification, the Altmark now positions itself as a place where anyone can find their individual place for development.



On the one hand, it uses current megatrends such as individualization and deceleration as a superordinate topic, and on the other hand, it puts the strengths of the Altmark in the foreground. On this basis, EMBASSY revised the Altmark brand logo, produced a brand manual as well as other media in the newly developed corporate design.



The Altmark regional brand strategy, which EMBASSY adapted in 2020, provides the necessary framework for the further development of the tourism corporate design in 2021.


The central brand message of the Altmark, which positions itself as »more room for development«, serves as a guideline for its tourism brand. With this background, EMBASSY further developed the tourism brand based on the new corporate design of the regional brand.




The new claim »Proud cities. Vast land.« sharpens the tourism profile of the Altmark and plays with its vastness as a space for development. The four tourism pillars of the Altmark – rural vacation, active, culture and culinary – were retained and enhanced by a new design and concise sub-slogans and lead texts.