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A new apprenticeship program to become a ” skilled elementary school childcare worker” in Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab is in urgent need of apprentices. EMBASSY designed the information campaign to recruit the founding class for the new course.


EMBASSY designed a campaign for Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab in order to recruit applicants for the new apprenticeship program ” Skilled Primary School Childcare worker”. The course fills an ongoing demand and offers attractive opportunities for people at different stages of their lives who are thinking about becoming a childcare specialist.

Together with the client, EMBASSY created personas for the different stages and key messages for the relevant subjects of the target groups – financing, flexibility, compatibility and working with children.



The designs were displayed as a media mix of posters, radio and PR. On Facebook, the different messages were specifically displayed to their relevant target groups. In addition to information about the courses on offer, the aim was to draw attention to low-threshold information in order to encourage direct interaction quickly.

The first informative meeting already exceeded the targets set four months in advance. Then there was the pandemic and therefore the first lockdown. Despite all the obstacles, the interest was big enough to start the first year of training.