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The Nordoberpfalz says thank you!

The health and care workers in the German region Nordoberpfalz are always available to people in need. For their increditable efforts, the Nordoberpfalz wants to say, “Thank you!” as loud as possible.


We want to offer a way to say Thank You! to the people in the Nordoberpfalz that actually reaches the health and care staff. As part of a campaign on behalf of the Gesundheitsregionplus Nordoberpfalz, we are asking the population to send and share personal messages and Thank you! messages. For the execution of the “Thank you!” campaign, we were able to win the regional media houses as cooperation partners. The 91 healthcare institutions and nursing homes in the Nordoberpfalz received a media package allowing them to display the “Thank you” messages directly on site.


EMBASSY created a powerful and emotional visual for the campaign. The bold colour gradient features the “Thank you!” in form of a sticker which can be placed prominently by the media partners.

The campaign is an initiative of the Gesundheitsregionplus Nordoberpfalz consisting of the districts of Tirschenreuth and Neustadt an der Waldnaab as well as the city of Weiden with funding from the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and Regional Management.