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»Land aus Wein und Stein« – Tourism Brand Saale-Unstrut


The Saale-Unstrut region in the South of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany has been shaped by medieval influences. Castles, cities, cathedrals and vineyards are evidence of the glory of these times until today. In order to raise awareness and profile for Saale-Unstrut as a tourism destination, EMBASSY created a touristic umbrella brand in cooperation with Saale-Unstrut Tourismus e.V. In this process, we created a brand positioning, a slogan and a flexible identity system.

The new brand for Saale-Unstrut  is focused on well-defined target groups and enables a flexible co-branding with touristic partners. The new corporate design re-interprets medieval design, like stained glass windows and Carolingian minuscule typography. The colourful ribbon, a visual interpretation of the facets of the glass windows, serves as a design element of recognition, yet remains flexible in use.