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Annual Report 2011


For the 2011 annual report, the guiding theme is sustainability. The specific interpretation is a triad of »Keeping balance«, »Living balance« and »Finding balance«. Tag clouds on sustainabilty are visualized by a tree, branches and leaves. The focus of the report concentrates on storytelling and people in dialogue. The magazine part of the report illustrates how five stakeholders of the company live in a balanced and sustainable way. For the first time, the twelve members of the board are also involved thematically. They answer the questions of children and young people, in order to show the significance of the next generation for Bosch.

‘Tradition and modernity’ event: catalogue and printed materials

As part of an event for Bosch managers at the Wilhelma Theatre in Stuttgart, an audiovisual work on the painting cycle »Life« by artist Jutta Bosch was shown. The cycle of 256 paintings is inspired by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Mass in C Minor. The audiovisual work fuses painting and music into a new art form.

A comprehensive documentation of the event was compiled; with a presentation of the audiovisual work »Life«, an interview with Prof. Hermann Scholl, chairman of the Bosch supervisory board, and additional artistic and musical contributions. The design for the invitations and other printed materials for the event were modelled on the catalogue design.