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EMBASSY moderates engagement for climate.

Active Philanthropy has consulted individuals, philanthropic families, foundations and socially committed companies in their philanthropic engagements since 2006. In their founding phase, EMBASSY supported the development of the brand and the name. Since 2022, EMBASSY has designed and facilitated interactive trainings for them.


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Climate action as a cross-sector lever in philanthropy

Over the years Active Philanthropy had witnessed the ever-growing effects which climate change is having on all fields of action in philanthropy, issues ranging from health and the well-being of vulnerable groups to social justice and democracy – but also the largely untapped potential of becoming part of the solution and fighting the climate crisis. Since 2018, they have therefore been using various formats to raise awareness of the climate crisis among their target group and support them in change processes.


Climate + Philanthropy: A Compact Learning Journey

Active Philanthropy launched an online course in 2022 to help foundations integrate climate action into their work. This is currently the only online course specifically tailored to the needs of the foundation sector and it also differs from other climate courses on the market in that it includes interactive course elements. The interactive sessions were designed and are facilitated by EMBASSY. The trainings put a special focus on peer exchange and empowerment of the participants to implement their acquired knowledge into the daily life of the foundation and beyond.