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“It is considered impolite to judge a person from their outward appearance, but we do it anyway. That first impression and anything that can be taken in at first glance help us to decide what is important – when we are out on the street, in the supermarket or leafing through a magazine. I see the focus of my work as designing businesses and brands so that they stand out from the crowd.”

Speeches | Presentations | Engagements

Speech „Place Branding for the Eifel” at the New Year reception in Prüm incl. Audio (German)

Speech „Die Vielfalt der Eifelbotschaft“ at the Kreismitgliederversammlung des Gemeinde- und Städtebundes Rheinland-Pfalz

Speech at the Culinary and Wine Tourism Conference 2015, October 2015, Vienna, Austria Culinary and Wine Tourism Conference

Speech at the 2011 European Design Business Dialogue conference, May 2011, Vienna, Austria

Jury member, April 2011, at imk – Institut für Marketing und Kommunikation, Berlin

Presentation at Face to Face, international conference for business and design, November 2010, Ludwigsburg, agenda

Second Life and brand management, Talk at the MBC Marketing Benchmark Circle, 2007, Hamburg

Supporter of the Buchstabenmuseum Berlin

Lay judge at the Berlin Administrative Court

Klaus Asemann, managing partner at Embassy, is a design expert with international project and management experience. His main focus has been on developing car brands. He specialises in broad-based corporate design systems and, when carrying out consultancy work with clients, takes a long-term view of their prospects.

Since 2013 Klaus Asemann is a lecturer at the Hochschule Harz – University of Applied Sciences for the M.A. “Tourism and Destination Development”.

Selected Projects

Daimler and Benz Foundation
Harzer Tourismusverband
Motel One
Renault Germany
Software AG
Telekom Austria 1
University of Innsbruck
Wall AG

University Links

Hochschule Harz –


Publications and Press

Corporate Design 2008
The book includes reports on prize-winning works from the 11th International Corporate Design Award and the XVI MfG Awards. These include Embassy’s Software AG brand relaunch.




Klaus Asemann zu Gast bei »Freunde(n) der Stadt Straubing«



»Muss Design so sein?« Gastbeitrag von Klaus Asemann zum neuen Citroën DS7 Crossback in der Berliner Zeitung vom 3.11.2018