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EMBASSY provided the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), the largest biomedical research institution in Germany, with a content and design framework for its 50th anniversary in 2014 and supported the communication of the INFORM project.


In addition to the design of an anniversary logo and claim, concepts for campaign approaches were also developed. The central message of the new jubilee claim is derived from the DKFZ’s vision and combines this with an emotional statement: »50 Jahre – Forschen für ein Leben ohne Krebs« (50 years – research for a life without cancer). As a timeless message for the DKFZ, the claim is also suitable without the addition: »Forschen für ein Leben ohne Krebs«.


EMBASSY also supported the DKFZ in communicating the INFORM project – because it is the most pressing problem in the treatment of paediatric cancer: Every year, 500 children in Germany suffer a relapse despite intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Only one in ten of these children has a chance of being cured. The INFORM project aims to give all these young patients a second chance and provide them with individually tailored treatment.