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Minden + Math = Attention

In the destination brand »Minden – City with the Plus«, the plus in the claim points to the sum of many small strengths of the city of Minden. In our campaign idea, we took the math literally and calculated the advantages of Minden. The result of the calculation was as conclusive and simple as the idea itself:

The bottom line is that you have more in Minden.


For the people of Minden themselves, it is clear: Minden’s plus is the sum of its small strengths. This awareness was strengthened and communicated to the outside world with the EMBASSY communication campaign. The motto: Don’t look at what the other medium-sized cities in the region are doing, but measure them directly against the larger metropolises.

Cities have a special attraction, and rightly so, but at the same time they are always associated with compromises: high rents, traffic jams, pollution etc.

It’s different in Minden, where you don’t have to do without nature and culture, for example. We show this and other advantages in the campaign with its distinctive »algebra system«.


In the communication campaign, the “plus” in the brand stands for “everything” instead of “either or. In Minden, there is always both.

Due to the changing conditions in spring 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, the originally planned multi-channel campaign became a pure social media campaign at short notice. The regularly appearing visually concise and recognizable “bills” refer to special “holidays” or Minden’s strengths and are distributed via the social media channels of Minden Marketing GmbH.

All invoices can be found here.


We keep on calculating: In Minden, you can find home + future and many reasons to return.



If we used calculations in the first campaign phase to strengthen the identification of Minden residents with their city, we are now using them as part of a multi-channel campaign to communicate with Minden returnees. Coming back to Minden means rediscovering Minden and growing with the city because Minden is no longer the same city they once left.  


Here they can enjoy all the advantages that the big cities don’t offer them and still have the modern everyday life they no longer want to miss. We pick up on this dichotomy of home and future in the already familiar style of the calculations. The campaign started with a kick-off event in Minden and the launch of the returnee site in August 2021 and will run on social networks until December. After that, the motifs will be adapted to a Christmas theme and supplemented by outdoor advertising in the surrounding major cities.