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LIVE RIGA – the new brand for Latvia’s capital city

LIVE RIGA has been the tourism brand for Latvia’s capital city since 2009. It celebrates the vitality and zest for life of a city with an eventful history. The new brand was commissioned by the city authorities in conjunction with Riga-based airline Air Baltic. The brand strategy chalked up its first success with a significant increase in tourist numbers over the winter 2009/10 season.

The corporate design embeds the LIVE RIGA logo within a distinctive patterned background based on historical forms, but reinterpreted with a colourful and modern look. It allows the city’s regional identity to come to the fore within a brand aimed at international tourists.

In terms of brand architecture, EMBASSY has accentuated the tetrad of characters LIVE RIGA and transposed it into four sub-brands, LOOK, FEEL, STAY, WORK RIGA, dealing with specific themes within the visitor experience.

GOLD – Corporate Design Award 2010

Embassy wins gold for its corporate design for Riga in the ‘BtoC business – launch’ category.