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EMBASSY re-launches one of the most famous German destination brands

The Harz region with its varying landscapes, traditions and stories is one of the best known German travel destinations. EMBASSY re-worked the positioning and the brand strategy of the Harz brand and developed a strategy and an identity for the »Magic Mountain World«, as well as a logo, corporate design and a wide range of media.

»A holiday in a Heinz Erhardt movie«

» […] The Harz has got itself a new logo. A pretzel-like flourish on the ‘z’ conveys a convivial geniality, which comes across as both zingy and modern. A make-over for the good old ‘Brocken witch’, who still adorns footpaths and brochures even today. Harzer Tourismusverband, responsible for the current campaign, is increasingly aiming to “open up new areas of interest«. These include culture, sport and whatever else hip Berliners like to get up to when they invade Wernigerode on their weekends away. In short, a dusty old tourist area is looking to connect with the iPod generation. […]” from Ralf Niemczyk’s ‘Europop’ column. more (German)

Harz Merchandising

Lovingly crafted and sustainable souvenirs allow you to take the magical atmosphere of the Harz mountains back home. Whether in Berlin or Goslar, Hanover or Wernigerode, as gifts or as a memory of a recent weekend trip, the Harz souvenirs are winning the hearts of everyone. EMBASSY and co-operation partner x:hibit have developed a comprehensive merchandising program for the Harz Tourism Association (HTV). The merchandising program not only covers the selection of and the design for merchandising products. It also implements sustainable production standards, integrates regional manufacturers and therefore opens new business opportunities for the HTV as well as for its members and partners.

For the Harz region EMBASSY and x:hibit have developed and implemented an innovative business model to unburden the HTV of operational, administrative, sales and distribution tasks.